Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simply Smooth XPRESS Keratin Treatment

Having tried the three day Simply Smooth treatment and LOVED it, I opted for the XPRESS treatment when I ran out and needed more. The original formula takes three days to process completely. While it works unbelievably well, I hated sitting around with greasy hair for days. The Xpress treatment works in just 24 hours, and can be purchased via SleekHair.com (Click HERE) for $321.21. You can only buy it here in the 16 oz bottle, but this one bottle has lasted me 4 applications so far, and is only a little over halfway gone.

The original formula smells like vanilla, and is thick and meant to be applied with a brush.It took a LOT longer to apply.

The Xpress formula doesn't smell awful, but it sure doesn't smell as great as the original. It's more chemical of a smell, which is probably why it works so much faster. I need a fan blowing on my face every time I apply it, as the fumes do irritate my eyes. This is a liquid formula, and is better put in a spray bottle to apply.

The entire process is pretty much the same. (You can read more detailed directions in my previous review)
I dye my hair first (this treatment also locks in color), wash with the special shampoo 2-3 times, blow dry, section the hair up and apply the treatment with a spray bottle and comb to distribute it, let it process for 20 min, blow dry straight, and flat iron on 400 degrees. Then don't get it wet for at least 24 hours.

This treatment does not last as long or seem quite as strong as the original, but I do like it as it is quick to apply and process. I would rather deal with this ever couple months, rather than the other one every four months or so.

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