Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel

As a dancer, I always have the frustrating problem of chipping my freshly painted toenails while working. Nail polish just doesn't last more than a night or two, and I know I am not the only one with this annoying problem.

When I spotted this little $5 bottle at Walgreens, next to the French Manicure kit I use, I grabbed it without hesitation.
I'm so glad I did, because this turned out to be a complete lifesaver for my nail polish!

First, I used the french manicure set to do my usual basic nails. I let that dry and then I put a coat of the acrylic gel over that. Just one medium coat should do the trick, otherwise it won't dry for ages and will peel off. (It does take awhile to dry as it is.)

I haven't had to touch up my toes at ALL in weeks. No chips, nothing! This stuff is amazing!

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