Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment

I can't say enough great things about this stuff! I originally heard about it from a stylist who told me that it would make my hair more managable. I have extremely curly, crazy hair, and have never been able to just shower and walk out the front door.

I started doing research on it, and found their website: Here

I decided to just order the products myself and do the treatment at my house, rather than pay a salon a buttload of money to do it for me.

I found all the products at and even googled their site for coupons and found several good ones. The total for all of the products was about $235, and I got a coupon for free shipping.

The Process

Well, first of all, this treatment is supposed to lock in color. The information I found online suggests dying your hair immediately before applying the treatment. I painstakingly did my roots and then a semi perm over that.

When I washed the dye out, I rinsed it, then used the purifying shampoo three times. My hair was squeeky clean!

The next step is to blow dry your hair 100% dry. I used a brush to help straighten it while I dried. It took forever, but finally it was done.

Next, I got out a tint brush and bowl and put the treatment in the bowl a bit at a time as I worked. You need to coat all of your hair from root to tip in the keratin treatment. It takes a long time, but you need to make sure you get all of it. My very sweet boyfriend helped me with the back. The treatment doesnt smell too bad, kind of like vanilla. Not unpleasant, since it doesn't contain formaldehyde.

Finally, it was all coated. I put a processing cap on (you can get them at Sallys for really cheap!), and waited for about 20 minutes.

Next, I began blow drying the keratin treated hair. I used a paddle brush to make sure it got as straight as possible. My hair felt gunky, even though it was compelely 100% dry.

After that, I turned on my flat iron. You need to iron your hair with a 450 degree iron to seal the treatment in. I bought a Hot Tools iron, which isn't terribly expensive, and has temp. settings up to 450 degrees.

I went over every bit of my hair up to 5 times with the flat iron, curling the ends under a little. I was hoping my hair would feel less gunky, but it was still there when I finished. My hair looked kind of flat and greasy.

You are supposed to go 96 hours without washing your hair or getting it wet at ALL. You can't put your hair up or back or wear hats at all, any creases can become perminant. It was HARD! I HATED walking around with gunky, greasy looking hair for days. I made it abour 3 and a half days before I caved in and showered.

You are supposed to use the special x tend shampoo and conditioner to maintain the treatment, as it washes out and doesn't grow out. The less you wash your hair, the longer it lasts.

I noticed a difference immediately! Instead of getting crazy and curly, it was pretty and wavy and NOT frizzy at ALL! For the first time in my entire life, I washed it, air dried it, and walked out of the house without looking like a mad scientist!

It is SUPER soft, too, and shiny! It feels amazing! I was able to curl it and the style stayed all night without frizzing at ALL! It's amazing, I can't believe how wonderful my hair looks! The best part is that even though I washed my hair, the color still looks as good as it does immediately after I dye it. I have super bright red hair, and it fades very fast.

I LOVE this stuff, I really can't express that enough. It was SOOOO worth the price of the products and the 4 hours it took me to apply it and even the 3 and a half days of walking around looking like a grease ball without being able to put my hair up. This stuff is amazing, and it should last about 3 months.

Seriously, if you struggle with frizz, GET IT! I'm not joking.

The treatment lasted for about 3 months, as promised, and I can't wait to get another treatment. It really did change my entire hair life. It was so much more managable, and it looked amazing! My hair was SOOOO soft. I really love it!


  1. I want to smell like a cupcake, but I refuse to give up my straightener. My slight wave bothers me too. :)

    thank you for great review


  2. thank you so much for sharing .I have yet to try this brand even though its so accessible to me. i saw from the ad their range are suitable for asian hair.

  3. @ the first comment, you can still use your straightener! The treatment is heat activated, and that will NOT make it wear off. Simply Smooth washes out after about 3 months, it does not dissapear with heat styling!
    If you just want it to smell good, their Vanilla scented styling serum smells really good.