Thursday, February 11, 2010

Braun Silk Epil Xelle Epilator

I have a new love.
Her name is Braun.

I'm sure if you are a woman you, too, have experienced the hardships of body hair removal. We've tried the Nair, only to get rashes. Razors give us razor burn. Wax works, but it takes forever for the hair to grow long enough.

I was feeling pretty hopeless at this point. I had resorted to waxing my bikini area and armpits, and shaving everything else. Until I heard about the Braun Silk-Epil Xelle.
I read countless positive reviews online and finally went down to Ulta to see if
they carried it. They do! I picked mine up for $69.99 plus tax. (Make sure you keep your reciept for anything you buy at Ulta, btw. You can return ANYTHING you buy there as long as you have your reciept and if its a bottle of something it has to be more than half full.)

I came straight home, took it out of the box, hastily read the directions, and plugged it in. I was using it on my bikini area, on more of those pesky little strays that always seem to grow back too soon after you wax.

It's pretty easy to use, no batteries required. You just plug it into an outlet, choose which head you want to use and switch it on. It comes with a shaver head, and two epilator heads. (One with "soothing rollers" and one without) I chose the head without the rollers, snapped it on, and switched on the epilator.
It has two settings, and a neat light on it so you can see the hairs better. I turned it on high and rolled it across my skin. You are supposed to roll it against the grain of the hair, and at a 90 degree angle.

Ten minutes later, I was hair free! This thing was incredible. It stung a bit, in some places more than others, but any girl who has ever waxed before can handle the pain. Since I wax bi-weekly and tweeze strays already, the pain of the epilator was definately tolerable. You do have to hold your skin tight, though, because it will try to suck in loose skin on occasion.
I even tried it on my leg, and it worked like a charm. It hurt like hell, though, so I don't see myself doing legs anytime soon. I'm a weenie about leg waxing, too.

Long story short, I LOVE this thing! It is so efficient, so quick, it even removes tiny little stubble, and the pain isn't even that bad, especially compared to waxing. I definately recommend it!

I thought I would update on this one. I sucked it up and did my legs after writing this review. It HURTS. BAD. I cried like a little girl.
HOWEVER, it is totally worth it. I do my legs once a week or so, and the hair is noticably thinner and easier to remove every time. It is much less painful after a few times, as the hair is not all growing back at once, and now I have smooth legs almost all the time! I shave with EVOO if I have any stubble in between epilating sessions, and it makes a HUGE difference.

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