Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Feria Color Moisturizing Treatement

As a girl who depends heavily on hair dye, I am always searching for the best conditioner out there. Most are all right, nothing to rave about. During a trip to Sally's, I discovered this wonderful Feria conditioner hiding on a bottom shelf.
I remember using Feria dye way back in the day when I was a brunette, and this stuff was always my favorite. It just smelled so good and made my hair amazingly soft.

I grabbed a tube of it and used it after my next hair dye. I am in love. My hair is amazing after I use it! I've never seen it so shiny and vibrant, not to mention SUPER soft and it smells like heaven. It even makes my hair more managable to straighten and curl. I actually mix this with my normal conditioner for every day use, and it still makes my hair amazing every time.

It's a whopping $8.49 at Sally's, but IMO it is well worth the cost. (I'm not the only one, look at the reviews on the website!Definately give this stuff a try if you color your hair, or even if you don't!

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