Monday, August 24, 2009

Verbena Custom Blends

Verbena Custom Blends

Tiring of my trusty old Calgon Hawaian Ginger body mist, I went off in search of something new. What better place to search than Etsy?
I came upon Verbena Custom Blends. I'm not sure what drew me to these products, maybe it's the fact that everything is made fresh and from scratch. Everything looks absolutely droolworthy!

I had a really hard time picking which lotion and spray I wanted, especially with things like the Pink Sugar Coconut and Chocolate Drizzle cupcake soap and the Creamy coconut and frosted lime cupcake sugar scrub clouding my vision.

Finally, I chose the Pink sugared strawberry marshmellow cream body cream and the Pink sugared strawberry marshmellow Perfume

I eagerly awaited my purchase for the next week, and at long last, I opened my mailbox and there it was! After only a week!

I tore open the packaging and found my order also came with lots of delicious samples! A few lotions and a sugar scrub!
My body cream smells soooooo delicious! It really does smell just like strawberries and marshmellows! It is thick and very moisturizing, perfect for my chronically dry skin. The scent is so long lasting that it smells exactly as good as it did when I put it on several hours ago! The perfume smells just as good. Everything is fantastic, and almost makes me want to eat it.

I LOVE this store, I will definately be ordering from it again! I have nothing but good things to say about it!

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