Monday, August 24, 2009

Dove Visibly Smooth Deoderant

I saw a commercial for this Dove deodorant about six months ago. It promises to help decrease underarm hair after repeated use.
Sounded great to me! I made sure to grab some the next time I was at the store. I've been using it for months, now, every night before bed (as directed by the label). I still haven't noticed any difference in my armpit hair growth. It IS very good for applying after I shave my bikini area. Seems to cut down on razor burn and ingrown hairs.

It's very disappointing, but I am going to have to give this deodorant a thumbs down in the hair reduction department.

1/5/10: Update
Still using this deoderant, and it sure didn't eliminate any hair growth. It does really help with ingrown hairs, though, if applied immediately after shaving!

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